Friday, August 21, 2009

Henry's Garden

From top to bottom:
  • Henry's cousins made the Henry's Garden sign for his first birthday. The hand is his hand that I traced for Thanksgiving a few weeks before he died.
  • This angel was a wedding gift from Brian's sister. We found the stone heart at the beach when I was up visiting my family.
  • Red dahlia and turtle
  • The red dahlias are from a friend who has a little girl two weeks older than Henry. I asked her for something red (Henry's color) from her garden, and this is what I got. This first one was in bloom when we got back from vacation. I love it.
  • The turtle with three little red birds is a souvenir from our vacation. The store we got it from features the work of developmentally disabled adults who work at an on-site pottery and weaving workshop. My mom had been planning to get me a new plant for Henry's garden, but got this instead.
  • Our second angel was a gift from one of our grief group friends. She gave them out in honor of the first anniversary of her son's death.


  1. What a beautiful place to remember your boy.

  2. I'm very struck by the red dahlia - so bright and vivid. What a beautiful garden, filled with memories.

  3. The red dahlias are striking. They are one of my favorite things in the garden this year. And I love too that they come from somebody who cares about Henry.