Monday, July 13, 2009

Summertime, or I love my neighbors

Finally, we are having some sunny days. It was perhaps a bit cool for July today, but it felt good to me. The air is dry (no rain!), the sky blue. Ah, summer.

My seven-year-old neighbor/mother's helper came down this morning to play with and read to Kathleen while I send a couple of emails and an invoice for work. Then the three of us took a walk around the block. I needed to get out into this day.

In the afternoon, I strolled down the driveway where my neighbors provided a blanket and entertainment for Kathleen, while I chatted and just enjoyed being outside. (This is what I expected. This is what should have been two summers ago. It was the only sigh in an otherwise lovely day.)

Julie opened wine, I brought cheese and crackers, and we had an impromptu cocktail hour before she cooked hamburgers for dinner. Then back down the driveway to our house where we lit the chiminea and got everyone sticky and sugared up with s'mores before bed time.

Kathleen went to bed easily and I came back out to enjoy the fire for a while. I watched birds playing chase, flashes of bright red and yellow that would not be ignored, and listened to the breeze in the trees. Ah, summer.

The fire has burned down and the mosquitos are starting to bite, so my outdoor day draws to an end. Hoping for sunny skies again tomorrow. Maybe Julie will bring coffee and I'll bring muffins and we'll have breakfast under the pear tree.


  1. Your neighbors are amazing! What a beautiful day.

  2. So glad you and your neighbors had such a beautiful summer day!