Friday, July 10, 2009

Stocking Up

Brian and I made big batch of chili this week. Today I packed up six quarts of it for the freezer, and as I did, I remembered last summer. I was so scared and anxious and hopeful about the little one growing in my belly. As much as I wanted the baby (now Kathleen), I couldn't bring myself to do nothing baby related. I couldn't clean and set up the nursery. I got as far as looking at cloth diapers online but wanted to throw up at the thought of ordering them. I couldn't organize clothes or find the car seat. I couldn't buy anything baby related.

Instead, I stocked my freezer. This was baby-related as I wanted meals on hand to make things easier once the baby came, but we would have to eat no matter what so I could fill the freezer and pantry without feeling like I was preparing for the baby. I got meat from a local farm CSA and stockpiled meat from the supermarket when it was on sale. I marinated chicken. I made lasagnas and stuffed peppers. I froze quart after quart of tomatoes. I blanched and froze green beans. I picked strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and peaches. I froze berries and made jam. I filled bags with homemade multigrain waffles and banana oat muffins. It was what I could do.

To my babylost mama friends who are pregnant again (there seems to be a big batch of you right now), I am so happy and hopeful for you.

I wish you healthy, happy, living babies. I hope you have safe deliveries and easy recovery for mom and baby. And I hope, that somewhere in the midst of anxiety and sadness, you are able to find some joy in the pregnancy itself. It's something I wish I had been able to do, to embrace the possibility more rather than the fear. Peace, love, and strength to you all.


  1. Oh Sara, thank you.
    I did a lot of this before Hope. I cooked and cooked and cooked. It was my form of nesting. I'm not in a hurry to cook yet, but I have been brave and bought lots of little boy clothes. I didn't buy many clothes last time, as we didn't know the gender, but this time I seem to have gone crazy. Someone should confiscate my credit card. I just want to celebrate his aliveness now, and whether or not I buy clothes, will have no bearing on whether he makes it or not. I think I would regret it if I didn't.
    And mmmmmm, chilli......

  2. Sally, I find buying clothes for the baby to be very brave. I didn't buy anything for Kathleen until a couple of weeks (or less?) before she was born. I bought a fleece sleeper to bring her home in. I realized I ought to get something warm since she was born in December and all my newborn stuff was for a spring/summer baby. But I left the store on the verge of tears and had to stand and take deep breaths before I could go on. So glad you are able to celebrate.

  3. Thank you, Sara. I'm afraid to do much planning or preparing right now, and also feeling a bit guilty about not being as ready to bond with this new little baby as I was with Teddy. But hopefully this winter I'll be doing a lot of freezer stocking as well.