Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Lifetime

Kathleen is 203 days old today. It's not a typical milestone, but it means she has now lived as long as her brother lived. When she wakes up tomorrow, something that despite everything I assume will happen, she will start day 204, something he never did. It will be new ground for us as parents, though it's really been new ground for sometime now. Kathleen has done so many things Henry never did.

She has tried about 10 foods, so far. She is working on sitting up and can do so unsupported very briefly. She has two teeth poking through on the bottom. She holds her pacifier in, grasps it and pulls it out, and is sometimes able to get it back in. She has seen the ocean.

And he did some things I hope she never has to do. He rode in an ambulance three times. He was on a ventilator numerous times He had open heart surgery and a lung biopsy. He was on a med wean to avoid withdrawal. He lay in a crib and I couldn't pick him up. He spent half his life in the hospital.

But both my babies have been here in our home. Both have sucked at my breast, though briefly. Both saw the rhododendron bloom. Both heard me sing a song just for them. Both listened to You Are My Little Bird. Both heard me read Good Night Moon and On the Night You Were Born. Both kicked at the baby kick chimes. Both smiled at their mama. Both of them are loved immensely.

One of my babies lived a lifetime in 203 days. One of them is just getting started. I hope it is a long, sweet life.


  1. What a huge day to get through, Sara. So much significance. I hope Kathleen continues to bloom and grow, always with Henry's spirit shining on.

  2. This is a huge milestone for Kathleen and for you. I hope Kathleen keeps on trying new foods and seeing new sites, growing and filling your life with joy. Henry will grow in her heart too. Sending hugs and peace.

  3. I hope so too. Thinking of Kathleen & Henry on this big day.

  4. Your post reads with that familiar text of joy mixed with sorrow. Sending lots of love your way as you parent your sweet Kathleen in life and your precious Henry in your heart. Peace.