Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter, Then and Now

Easter three years ago, I was still waiting to meet Henry, still naive, still happy.

Easter two years ago, Henry missed his first Easter. I was newly pregnant again and anxious.

Easter last year, Henry missed his second Easter. Kathleen was toothless, sitting supported.
I was a jumble of happy and sad.

Easter, this year, this day, Henry is still absent from the egg hunt*. Kathleen is toothy grins alternating with fussing, wanting her mama to hold her. Most of the day I was okay, tears welled in church and at his grave. Most of the day, I marveled at how my baby girl has changed in this last year, how different, toddling around, picking up eggs, dropping them to pick up a leaf. She gave me kisses today. This is brand new today, and so sweet.

*(He was in the picture with all the grandchildren though. My mother-in-law had Brian run in and get a picture of Henry to hold, so he would be part of "all the kids.")


  1. So glad Henry was in that picture. Beautiful.

  2. How thoughtful to add Henry into the picture. Each holiday without our babies is different from the last, brining different emotions but always our memories (past or future).

  3. I've often wanted to include Jordan in our family pics like that but have never done it. I will though. Beautiful.


  4. While, of course, I wish Henry were really in the picture, I love that he was included—and that the suggestion came from somebody else.

  5. I am so sorry for your loss...
    Lindsey Petersen