Saturday, March 20, 2010


For the first day of spring,
for my boy who never knew March

Three six-packs of pansies:
blue because he's my boy
yellow because he's my sunshine
red because it's his color. 

Three blue, three yellow, three red
planted for him at his grave, 
where I'll see them when I visit
or when I just drive by.

Three blue, three yellow, three red
planted for me by the back door,
where I'll see them when I come in
or go out every day. 

Two bright spots of pansies, 
linked in my mind. 


  1. So sweet. You are such an amazing mama Sara.

  2. They sound perfect, Sara. Tim's mom started a garden for Sierra outside our front door last summer and I want to add to it this spring.

  3. Beautiful. Those two little patches of brightness and the link between them.

    Strange, this poem reminds me a little of 'Winter's Come and Gone' and its different coloured birds. I always think of Henry when I hear that song now. xo

  4. Perfect colors, perfect flowers. I hope they flourish and ease your heart a little when you see them blooming.