Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hope in bloom

I had been thinking about Henry's tree, the peach tree I planted for his first birthday, before I knew that peach trees are hard to grow. Vicki was talking about the Japanese magnolia that she got as a gift when her son Evan died, and I thought of Henry's two trees, the hawthorne that's thriving and the peach tree that has struggled. 

The danger, of course, of planting a living thing as a memorial is that it will die. And in some ways this is not so terrible. What's a tree compared to your baby? But really it seems awful, one more bit of death, one more failure, one more thing that didn't work out. 

Henry's tree is planted in our backyard, a companion to the peach tree we got as a wedding gift. Our wedding tree got off to a good start. Then two summers ago, leaves yellowed and began to fall in early summer. Exploring, we found the lower trunk being liquified. We thought the culprit was a peach tree borer, though further research suggests more likely a rust of some sort. Last year, our wedding tree lost its fruit and then its leaves and then stood there starkly, naked, dead. This is no metaphor, no symbol, despite the statistics. Brian and I are doing fine, though there was a period last spring when all of our communication felt like  a challenge or a debate. 

As our tree slowly failed, I watched Henry's tree, wondering if it would succumb to the same fate. The leaves yellowed some, and I found a soft spot on the trunk. I sighed and waited for the inevitable. 

The other day, I noticed the faint pink buds swelling on Henry's tree the other day. Now they have burst wide open. 

Hope in bloom. 


  1. Budding is such a good sign, I hope it pulls through. I know what you mean about the memorial trees. I am always so worried about Jordan's weeping cherry. I know its just a tree but ouch it would hurt.

    Sucks that your wedding tree didn't make it. Are you planning on replacing that one?


  2. Beautiful post. I'm glad your Henry's tree is blooming. Special boy.

  3. I'd love to see a photo of the blossoms. Yes, hope, indeed. It seems to come with spring.

  4. Photos as requested. I meant to include them when I first posted, but I'm slow about getting the camera out, getting pictures uploaded . . .