Friday, January 8, 2010

One Year

A year ago today I started writing here, soon after Kathleen was born, a time when many seem to retreat. I didn't write in the first raw days, weeks, months after Henry died. It took me a little while to discover this online community of people who had lost a baby. Once I did, I wanted to add my voice to the conversation, but I couldn't wrap my mind around how to get started. Should I just jump in? Did I need to explain everything that had happened to Henry, all we had been through together? Where to start? It overwhelmed me as so many things did that first year. So I waited. Then after the first year without Henry ended and we had survived the holidays and were beginning to settle in to the ever changing rhythms of a new baby, I just jumped in. A paper in the mail triggered a memory, and I was off. A year, 110 posts later, here I am, and I think I'll stay for a while. Thank you for joining me along the way.


  1. Happy bloggy-versary. So lovely to have your voice here, but I'm still sad you have to be here.

  2. I always like hearing your voice and thoughts - here and in comments. Like Sally, I value your presence here, but am so sorry that you (or any of us) have to be here. I'm grateful to the bloggy-world for introducing us and looking forward to seeing you in person soon. (I'm traveling now but will be home in 10 days.)