Sunday, January 3, 2010

The lifting

A new year, a new month and already things feel a little lighter. I am glad to leave December behind.

These words from one of the songs on Henry's CD keep coming to mind:

Oh little red bird
Come to my window sill
Been so lonesome
Shaking that morning chill
Oh little red bird
Open your mouth and say
Been so lonesome
Just about flown away

So long now I've been out
In the rain and snow
But winter's come and gone
A little bird told me so
—Gillian Welch

It is cold here, too bitter to even go for a walk, and yet it does feel like winter has come and gone with the another December behind me.

It will come again, but for now I am back out of the rain and snow. And every now and then I see one of the red birds that remind me of my Henry.


  1. I'm glad things are looking brighter. Tim called me at work on Thursday to tell me a cardinal was at our feeders, and I immediately thought of you and Henry.

  2. Oh that song is most definitely Henry's.
    I love that album and I sing that song to Jessica (not as beautifully as Gillian Welch I'm afraid to say)
    I'm glad you have the feeling that winter has come and gone. xo

  3. What a wonderful song. It seems so very full of Henry.

    I'm glad December has left the building and hope that things keep getting lighter.