Thursday, May 6, 2010

The other tree

Henry has two trees, the peach tree I wrote about recently, which we bought for him, and a hawthorne tree that came as a surprise gift in late May 2008. We planted it on his first birthday, and as neighbors walked by on that lovely May day, Brian told them that the tree was for Henry and that it was his birthday.

While we were digging the hole to plant the tree, we found this:

I looked out this morning and noticed that the flowers in Henry's color were about ready to pop, and a few hours later on this gray day, they had. Here they are, a flash of red, a bit of bright in the gloom.


  1. This brightened my day. It is so bleak here today.


  2. The blossoms are a really wonderful shade of red - what a beautiful way to remember Henry.

  3. What beautiful blossoms! So colorful and full of Henry!

  4. The heart reminds of Henry's little stone heart at the cemetery that you wrote about a little while ago, a small visual echo?

    Gorgeous flowers. x

  5. oh, i love that little heart stone! thinking of henry. xo

  6. We have a collection of heart-shaped stones that have turned up different places: the one we found digging the hole for Henry's tree sits on the window sill in front of the window that overlooks the tree; the one I found with my family at the beach is in Henry's garden; and the one Brian and I found on vacation sits on the edge of the family grave until we finally get a stone for Henry. And, yes, there is the heart Brian and I made on top of Henry's grave that sits there beneath the grass that covers him.