Thursday, May 27, 2010


Brian graduated last weekend. It was a two-year program, but he chipped away at prerequisites for two and half years before that. It feels like a long time coming, this graduation.

He started taking classes, the fall we got married. He was taking A&P while I was pregnant with Henry. He read microbiology to Henry in the hospital. He took a final the day after Henry died. He was holed up in his office studying most of my pregnancy with Kathleen. He studied for a final in the hospital room while she was hours old. He lamented having to go study when Kathleen got bigger and started holding our her arms to him as he walked through the room. Through everything, he managed to graduate with honors. While I was sleeping and journaling and blogging and dragging myself through tiny amounts of work, he was trudging through a really tough program—and excelling.

I'm proud of him. And I'm really, really, really glad he's done.

I'm looking forward to summer and gardening and canoeing and fires in the chiminea and family and just time. And it has begun.


  1. Pass on my congratulations to him! Great effort.
    Need to catch up properly soon. I'm sure I owe you an email.

  2. Many congratulations to Brian.

  3. Good job! It must be a relief to know there are no more exams!

  4. He still needs to take his licensure exam. Once he passes, he'll be an RN.

  5. Oh, Congrats to him! The dedication is really admirable, not just his (though, wow) but yours, too.

    I hope you all have a relaxing, celebratory kind of summer.

  6. Congratulations to Brian! Enjoy the summer and being together. Thinking of you all tonight on the eve of Henry's birthday. We'll get together soon.