Thursday, October 29, 2009

Out of the woodwork

Can I say people are coming out of the woodwork if it's only happened twice? Two weeks ago, I ran into a mom I knew from the baby group I went to with Henry. Today, again, I was recognized as Henry's mom by another  mom from that group.

I was out for a run, passing a parked car as I neared home, and somebody spoke to me. I was kind of in a zone and I assumed the woman wanted directions, but the question she asked was "Are you Henry's mom?"

It's nice to hear his name.

It is somewhat surprising to me that I have not had these encounters before now. True, I have not gone where children are much, but I have been to the grocery store, the library, doctors offices, yoga . . . I find it strange that I have not seen any of the people from the group before now. Or maybe I was just too in a fog to see them before; maybe I didn't see them and they left me alone. Maybe I'm just now ready for them. They have helped me open up a little more. They've helped me let go just a bit more of the protective covering over my heart. And I wonder sometimes what I'm afraid of in my encounters with the world.


  1. "Are you Henry's mom?" What a wonderful question to hear asked out loud. To hear Henry's name spoken out loud by someone else, it is a special gift to your longing heart.

  2. It happens. This week I heard from my son's former feeding therapist and three others, all at once. I don't know how to explain, but maybe it happens when we need it to?

  3. What a good encounter. I'm so glad you're remembered as Henry's mom.

  4. It must have been nice to hear Henry's name spoken.
    I sometimes wonder what precisely it is that I am afraid of too.