Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Food for Thought

I think I'm heading into something of a food kick. Reader beware if you are hungry. After my last post, I went to bed thinking about food. Namely about food we ate while Henry was in the hospital. There was too much hospital and restaurant food, but there were also many meals made for us.

Kim made me mac and cheese with squash, enough to put some in the freezer. Tina made me raspberry brownies and when asked for her recipe confessed she was afraid to send them to me because I am a good baker. Amy made 5-layer squares with excellent precision (the key to a good 5-layer square is careful distribution of ingredients and not skimping on the chocolate). Carol and David made Guinness beef stew, which we made later; it's time consuming, but hearty and very tasty. We got homemade salmon chowder and shrimp and corn chowder. My dad brought in fish chowder from The Causeway, a milky, rather than thick, chowder with mounds of fish and potato in it. We had turkey dinners and meatloaf, lasagna, and pork chops. Our friends and family were good to us.

And when meals were in short order, our favorite thing to get was burritos from the place across from the hospital. Despite the sad connotations, I'd still eat one of their summer burritos (mmm, mango salsa) with pork any day. Usually we'd grab breakfast there, though. That's where I became partial to breakfast burritos.

Breakfast burritos were one of my two cravings when I was pregnant with Kathleen. I had a breakfast burrito nearly every day. On my laziest days, I'd simply wrap a scrambled egg in a whole wheat tortilla with shredded cheddar cheese and a little salsa. On a more ambitious day, I'd add black beans, avocado if I had it, or chili and sour cream (I have been lucky to not suffer heartburn during my pregnancies). My burritos were smaller and not nearly as well wrapped as the ones we used to get when Henry was at the hospital, but they were quick and tasty and a fairly balanced meal.

Thinking about my cravings during my Kathleen pregnancy brought me to thinking of my cravings/aversions during my Henry pregnancy, but it's almost lunch time here, Kathleen has turned herself 180 degrees on the floor and is suggesting she might like to eat whether or not I'm hungry, so that will have to sit for another time. To lunch.


  1. I remember a neighbour who I barely knew stopped by with home-made perogies after he and his wife heard what happened. I hadn't eaten for days and suddenly, I was ravenous and they were honestly the best perogies I have ever had. When you don't know what else to do - cook. Much love.

  2. When you don't know what else to do - cook. Definitely good advice.