Friday, May 29, 2009

Would Be, Should Be

My boy, my Henry would be, should be two today.
I would be, should be making a cake with two candles,
would be, should be wiping frosting and ice cream off chubby cheeks,
would be, should be following little toddling legs around.
I would be, should be remembering the day he was born and marveling at how big he has gotten.

But he is gone.
And I will be visiting the cemetery to plant a batch of johnny jump-ups,
will be digging around in his garden, in the rain,
will be planting red flowers,
will be holding and loving his little sister and telling her of her angel brother.
I am remembering the day he was born and and wishing he were here.


  1. Sara, I wish Henry were with you for this birthday. I'm thinking of you and your boy today. Much love.

  2. I wish he were here too. Big hugs.

  3. Sending hugs and remembering your sweet Henry with you on his 2nd birthday.

  4. I'm so sorry Sara. I wish he was here, where he should be.

  5. Happy birthday Henry. Thinking of you and your family.

  6. Happy Birthday Henry. We are all thinking of you, your mama, your sister, and your daddy. Look down on them as they remember you...

  7. Happy Birthday Henry, you are missed by so many.

  8. Happy Birthday Henry, and hugs and love to you Sara.

  9. Happy Birthday little Henry, we wish you were here earthside with your Mama & Papa. Sara, I'm so sorry your beautiful little boy is not there with you in the flesh.


  10. Sorry this is late, but Happy Birthday Henry. I am so sorry for your loss Sara. I have recently set up a memorial blog, to honour our precious lost loved one's called 'Eternal Names By The Sea", and while I was at my local beach the other day writing names by the sea, I was thinking of you and Henry. I hope you don't mind, as I wrote Liam's name by the sea, and I would love to email the photos to you. If you would like to know more about my memorial blog, and what its all about, the link is:
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    lots of (((Hugs)))
    Kay xxxx