Friday, March 20, 2009

The First Hundred Days

Kathleen hit the three-month mark last week. Today she is 100 days old.

Three months, 100 days, however you count it, it has gone fast. My baby girl has grown and changed so much.

She is longer, heavier, stronger. She's able to hold her head up steady, face out instead of in when we go out walking. She is getting herself ready to roll over, hips up, legs swinging. She pays more attention to her mobile now and looks at toys around her, not quite ready to reach for them.

She is trying out her voice—and she has a lot to say. Cooing, babbling, trying out different pitches, different mouth shapes, different sounds. It has been a rough week, lots of fussiness, but my smiley girl was back this morning. I caught her laughing in her sleep the other day. I wonder often what is going on inside her head.

She's been to a sugar shack (no syrup for her yet), a farm (a horse stuck her nose right in Kathleen's face and the goats came over to nibble on her coat), church and a church supper, an art show at the library, a kids' concert, a neighborhood party, potluck dinner with friends, one of our favorite restaurants. So many firsts.

I've savored these days, tried to pay attention to enjoy this time, this stage in her life that is passing so quickly.

100 days . . . so much has happened and it's just the beginning.


  1. What a beautiful baby girl. It's good to hear happiness in your words. Beautiful.

  2. Happy 100 days Kathleen. I got a baby book called "The First 100 Days". I wondered when I got it, what the hell do I do with the baby after the first 100 days? Where is the book for that? I guess I will have to keep reading here to find out.

  3. Oh did it! Your first trimester out is over! Congrats to all and just keep living each day for all its worth.