Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2 Months

Kathleen is two months old today!
Time flies. They grow up so fast.
Clichés but true.

Kathleen was born in an ice storm, though it all started after we had arrived at the hospital. But the day we brought her home from the hospital was freakishly warm for December. I had her bundled up in a long-sleeve t-shirt and fleece sleeper and a hat and the Bundle Me over the car seat. It was overkill, but it was December. I bought the fleece sleeper specifically to have something warm for her to wear because all the newborn clothes I had were for a spring baby.

Like that day we brought her home, today was unseasonably warm. It was sweater weather, near 60. We got out for a wonderfully warm but sloppy, slushy walk today.
I know this weather is a tease, but it makes me so hopeful.

And the sleeping baby in my lap makes me feel so peaceful.


  1. She's a very beautiful baby girl Sara.

  2. Warm weather and sleeping babies -mmmmm - if only they could bottle it!