Monday, March 18, 2013

Enough, Late Winter

In late February, I got a weird virus with on and off symptoms that made me really anxious. I was sick for a week and my stomach was off for a bit after that, so I didn't drink much coffee. Or wine. And I didn't eat a lot of sweets. Or a whole lot at all. All of a sudden how much I "needed" was reduced. One cup of coffee it turns out is enough, even when the girls take turns waking me every hour or so. It's amazing how much better I feel with less sugar and caffeine.

I've started running again. Last week I did three 3-mile runs, which isn't a bad start. I scheduled my runs for this week. The first one should have been tomorrow in what sounds like a messy late winter snow storm. And I have a nasty respiratory thing, so I'm going to remind myself that it's good enough to have started, that I'll get out once the roads are clear again and my lungs aren't protesting when I'm just sitting.

As for this storm, enough! I am so done with winter, though it isn't done with us. Kathleen pouts every day that she "hates snow time." I love snow time, but I get sick of it. I'm sick of it now, especially since we were finally seeing bare ground and snowdrops blooming. Enough snow already, bring on spring.


  1. Good for you to have started running! And three mile runs are great! Those are my long runs :) Try to give yourself some grace. It's snowing. You are sick. You will get back to it. Good job! I really hope winter is nearly done for you guys up there!

  2. Yeah, I was running into last fall, and then I got off track. I have a terrible time getting back on track in the winter between weather and breathing in the cold. Somewhere about a year ago, I found that I can do 3 miles even if I go a while without, which seemed crazy to me. My goal is to do a 10K sometime this year.

    I sure hope winter's almost done too. I get jealous reading about your outside time : )

  3. Yay for running! And yes, BOOOO for more snow! I am done with winter. D.O.N.E.

    Glad you're feeling better :)