Saturday, July 14, 2012

All, and the editor in me

I had a lovely (I almost typed lively, and I suppose it was that too) visit with two college friends today. We met at a half-way point park, the three of us and eight kids.

Right before we left, we grabbed a quick picture of the kids (there is a kid hiding or trying to escape in each). One of my friends posted it on Facebook:
Great morning with Sara and H and all 8 of our offspring. 

I want to get out my red pen and add a caret and the word living before offspring. Or maybe delete the all. Yes, that's better. It's the all that gets me. Had she said just and our 8 kids or our 8 offspring, it would not have bothered me. But all excludes.

I only have to keep track of two kids on the playground, but I have three children.

I know it wasn't intentional and in many ways isn't a big deal, but I had to say this so I could move on.


  1. I totally get this one, Sara. It's these little semantic issues that I get stuck on, too--it's so much more than just a little word, you know? xo

  2. I would have had my red pen out too. Because 'all 8' simply isn't true.

    And, like you, I know that it is never intentional and not really a big deal, but . . .yet, I have three children. Two daughters and a son. Just like you. Two daughters and a son.

  3. Yep, ack. Totally would have grated on me too. I went back and read that post on your page. Part of me wanted to say "hey, what about Henry". But we don't do that, do we. Never making waves....
    Two daughters and a son. Me too. God that sounds like a lot of children when I say it like that. What I wouldn't give to have the busy life that three children would no doubt create.

  4. Ugh. That "all" just rankles. And even when people don't mean these things unkindly, the fact that they get to forget, to overlook, is very hard for me to forgive sometimes. Because we don't get to forget, even if we wanted to.

    Love to you.

  5. Ugh! Those little unexpected jabs to the heart just keep coming.