Friday, June 8, 2012

Peaches on the Literary Mama Blog

Around here, the strawberries are starting to turn red. In some places they are coming in thick already, and there were pint boxes of them in the farmer's markets yesterday. In my garden, we've picked a handful. Tuesday, my canning friend's strawberries were wet and yellow. The sun today should make a difference, though. I have a jam-packed weekend, but might have to pack some jamming in there. Although there are a few earlier season projects (violet syrup, pickled asparagus, maybe rhubarb jam), strawberries signal the true kickoff the canning season for me. 

If strawberries are first, peaches are the most anticipated fruit of the summer. They arrive in the sticky, hot days of August and stretch into September. I wrote about canning peaches and being Henry's mom as part of a contest held by the lovely Kate Hopper to launch her book Use Your Words. You can read my piece the Literary Mama blog.


  1. The article is really beautiful and hits home for me, too - thank you.

  2. Yum.... I've always admired those who can do their own canning - wonderful idea :) xoxo

  3. That is gorgeous - I could almost smell the peaches through the screen and feel the stickiness of the juice. And I love this glimpse of those days you had with Henry, not easy but so full of love.

  4. Beautiful, friend. Thank you.