Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Whatever else

Whatever else I did today—
whether or not I met my deadline
whether I did all the laundry or left some in the dryer and the basket,
whether I served healthy meals and good snacks or drank too much coffee and ate too much sugar
whether I got Kathleen to pick up toys and go on the potty without a tantrum
whether I got us outside on this balmy, melty, sunshiny day—
whatever else got done or undone,
this morning I sat at breakfast and played peek-a-boo with Elizabeth.
We took turns doing the peeking. We peeked from behind hands and napkins.
She said "Picka buh." She laughed. Whatever else today, there is that.


  1. I love this...and such a good reminder about what is important.

  2. YESSSSS! That is the most important part of the day. So great. Sending love to you all :)

  3. Hurray! What an amazing little girl she is.

    These moments make all the other not-so-great moments easier to cope with.