Monday, February 14, 2011


Two emails
Two friends pregnant
A friend, no stranger to loss, waits to see if her baby will be okay.
Another friend, no stranger to loss, learned that her son had died.
I am stunned and sorry and so sad today.

I find myself asking the unanswerable questions for them.
Why? Haven't they suffered enough? endured enough? lost enough?
Don't they deserve an easy pregnancy and a healthy, living baby?

I find myself wanting to say something to help,
to make it better,
but I can't. So I stumble over my words in emails.
I read their news again and again with tears and disbelief.
I can't believe sometimes how unfair the world is, how cruel.

To my waiting friend, I hang even more tightly to the hope I hold for you.
To my grieving again friend, I'm so sorry, as inadequate as that is, sorry and sad.
Love to you both.

1 comment:

  1. I am so sorry. They are both lucky to have a friend like you who understands loss. I know your friendship will be a comfort as so often these losses are not taken seriously in our society. Hoping all turns out ok for your waiting friend.