Sunday, December 13, 2009

Not unhappy

Despite the sorrow, the sadness, the struggle that seems to be much (all) I talk about of late, I am not unhappy with my life. I am blessed with a close family that I love and love spending time with. I have a beautiful baby girl who makes me smile every day. I have friends who have helped me through the hardest time in my life. I have a comfortable home in an close-knit neighborhood. I mostly enjoy the work I do each day. I know who I am again and I'm comfortable with me.

I miss Henry deeply, desperately.  I am so sad he isn't here. But. I am not unhappy. As I sit tonight, even as I long for him to be here, I'm sitting with some kind of contentment with my life, something that wasn't here last year, something that gives me a little of the hope I thought I had lost to despair in this month of December.

Thank you to all who have sent your support to me in this dark month. It's funny what a big difference a few little words make.


  1. There is so much peace in your words. I am so happy you have found this contentment.


  2. hi sara. thank you for sharing these thoughts. so comforting. thinking of your henry this month. xo

  3. Sending love to you, Sara. I wish Henry could be with you still, but knowing you've found some peace and contentment that coexist with missing him - well, that's a good and hopeful thing.