Monday, January 26, 2009

Bright eyes

It is just over the past few days that Kathleen has started to really wake up and take in the world. She looks around with her big, bright eyes that are just beginning to lighten from their dark baby blue, unclear yet as to what color they will end up.

She has loves to stare at herself in the mirror when we change her. She has begun to take notice of the mobile above her swing. She delights and is distracted by the light from the window behind me when she nurses. And she looks at me, watches me, studies me.

Oh, little one, there are so many things I can't wait to show you, but right now I am content to just watch you back and take you in.

1 comment:

  1. Sara - she is stunning. The way the look at the world is how I wish I could all the time. One of my favorite pasttimes is STILL to just sit back on the couch and observe my children.

    Show her when the time is right - but always watch. It's a great ride.